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Flipped Out

personal project, 2017

Role : everything except sound

“Flipped out” is a 2D animated film about an old flip phone who gets replaced by a smartphone,

and it's his journey to accept his limitation and moving on.

The animation is 2D in a hand-drawn style to complement the film’s message;

the importance of facing the defeat and gaining self-knowledge, personal growth and wisdom.

Florence Short Film Festival - Winner (2017)

HollyWood Verge Film Festival - Winner (2017)

Animation Studio Festival - Winner (2017)

Taiwan International Student Design Competition - Winner (2017)

Florida Animation Festival - Winner (2017)

Animofest - Winner (2018)

Firm Film Festival - Winner (2018)

Chhatrapati Shivaji International Film Festival - Winner (2017)

Paris Play Film Festival - Winner (2018)

Character Design

Style Frames


Color Script

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