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Melo - Playlist curated by AI

Self Study 2023

Role : Designer

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Melo is a AI-powered tool designed to curate personalized playlists tailored to your mood.

🎵 Express Emotions 🎵

Melo turns your emotions into music.

Simply type in how you feel, and Melo creates the perfect playlist to match your mood.

📚 Create Personal Playlists 📚

Save your favorite tracks and playlists, and Melo learns your preferences to deliver a tailor-made musical experience every time.

🚀 Elevate Emotions 🚀

Immerse yourself in the moment or enhance your feelings through music with Melo. It's the future of emotional music exploration.

Capture the essence of your emotions with Melo! 

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Users can input their current emotions via text, prompting Melo to curate a collection of songs that precisely match those feelings.

Additionally, on the homepage, users have quick access to their recent playlist for easy browsing.

After a playlist is generated, Melo automatically creates a background and record image that aligns with the user's input text, enhancing the mood and emotion of the playlist for an even more immersive experience.


Motion Exploration


To highlight Melo's playful and joyful design approach, we incorporate subtle yet enjoyable animations into the shape elements of the motion design.


These animations won't overshadow the user experience but will certainly elevate user engagement by introducing captivating movements that add to the overall charm.

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