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Minions Social Contents 

Only Another, 2020

Role : Designer, Animator

I was in charge of creating designs and animations for social contents for the official Minions account on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok

from August 2020 to Oct 2021. During that time, this project had +110% growth rate in engagement, throughout the social platforms.


These icons are used throughout the social contents, based on the concept of the post.

Minions on a mission

This concept allowed the viewers to create the missions by voting through various native features of Instagram Stories including polls, questions, emoji sliders and a tap and hold technique. 


DIY Minions

By providing users with Minions face assets, they can decorate everyday items (eyes, overalls, etc) to be Minions.

These are Instructions on how to use in the form of a screen recording of someone adding the stickers to something like a bell pepper.

Minions Arcades

Series of games were created with Minions assets, they can be played in the stories feed. Each video can be paused by the user through tapping and holding the screen. With each successive story, the video play gets faster and therefore more challenging.